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Detention And Bonds Hearings In Los Angeles

Have you been detained after an arrest? Does a family member need legal help at a detention and bond hearing? At the law offices of Ronzio & Associates, our Los Angeles detention and bond lawyers will work with your criminal defense lawyer to represent you at your detention and bond hearing, and to protect your rights throughout the criminal proceedings.

To learn more about the legal rights of detained immigrants, call Ronzio & Associates. We are leading immigration attorneys located in Los Angeles, California. We can refer you to a criminal defense attorney or work with the criminal defense attorney you have already hired. To contact our office, call toll free at 866.441.1458 or contact us by email.

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Los Angeles Detention And Bond Lawyers

Even in the post 9/11 era, legal and illegal immigrants have rights. If you or a loved one has been detained, you are probably very frightened and very confused. Knowing your rights is the first step to protecting your rights. Firstly, you have the right to hire a criminal defense attorney and a deportation defense lawyer to protect your immigration status if you choose to do so.

Our firm is pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss your rights and options. If you choose to hire us, we will provide experienced and dedicated representation on your behalf. Our seasoned immigration law attorneys have represented thousands of immigrants seeking to exercise their legal rights.

Spanish immigration attorney

We Handle High-Profile Immigration Cases

The founder of our firm, attorney Frank E. Ronzio, is widely recognized for his involvement in high-profile cases that he has fought on behalf of immigrants. In one widely publicized case, Mr. Ronzio represented two Cuban nationals (Olympic boxers on Fidel Castro’s top national team), Ramon Garbey (former No. 1 ranked amateur light-heavyweight boxer) and Joel Casamayor (1992 Olympic bantamweight champion). These gentlemen defected to the United States prior to the 1996 Olympics. In another case, Mr. Ronzio represented three Romanian sailors in a case that ultimately resulted in each sailor receiving political asylum.

Spanish immigration attorney

Experienced In Detention And Request For Bond Cases

Our firm has extensive experience in cases involving detention and requesting a bond before Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the immigration judge. In addition to making appearances at immigration hearings, we carefully advise clients of their rights, talk with them and their families about the process, and work as a team with their criminal defense attorneys. Sometimes, just understanding the process can calm many fears and concerns.

Spanish immigration attorney

Serving Clients Worldwide

Our law firm is dedicated exclusively to practicing immigration and nationality law. Our clients come from around the world and include many from Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. We are honored that they send their friends, family and co-workers to our law firm for assistance with immigration problems.

Spanish immigration attorney

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Difficult legal challenges require the attention of an experienced attorney dedicated to the pursuit of legal solutions. If you or a family member has been detained after an arrest, call Ronzio & Associates today for assistance. Call us toll free at 866.441.1458 or contact us online

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