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Work Visas In Los Angeles

At the law firm of Ronzio & Associates, our Los Angeles work visa lawyers have helped U.S. employers file hundreds of successful H-1B visa applications. Only a potential employer can file an H-1B visa application with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), on behalf of a foreign worker who meets the legal criteria. However, the entire process is a collaborative effort between the employer and the future H-1B employee.

We work with our clients and their employees in gathering the necessary documentation to obtain a labor condition application from the U.S. Department of Labor, prepare the H1-B visa application and file it in a timely manner with USCIS. Please contact us at 866-441-1458, well in advance of April 1 each year, to discuss the H-1B filing process.

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What Are The Criteria That The Employer Must Prove?

The position must require completion of a bachelor's degree, at minimum.

Both the employer and the industry in general normally require a bachelor's degree.

The job duties are so specialized that only a person with a minimum of a bachelor's degree would have the knowledge to perform them.

The employee will need to provide a complete job history, supply all educational credentials and have a clean criminal and immigration history. It is also possible for the foreign worker to apply for visas for his or her family members to stay in the United States during the same time period. We are happy to discuss the H-1B visa application process for an employee and family members.

Due to the historically high demand for H-1B specialty workers, and the low number of visas that Congress makes available each year, employers needing specialty employees cannot fill all of their open positions. In the past, 165,000 H-1B visas were authorized each year. That number has since dropped to 65,000.

It is essential then that an employer files the H-1B visa application on the first possible filing day. Usually, this is April 1 of the government’s fiscal year for positions that will be open as of the following October 1 of that year. Historically, all 65,000 visas are taken in one day.

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Los Angeles H-1B Attorneys

Ronzio & Associates focuses exclusively on immigration law. We stay current on all of the news, information and legislation in business immigration law so we can provide you with the most relevant employment-immigration strategies.

We encourage you to discuss your H-1B visa needs with one of our lawyers well in advance of the annual April 1 filing deadline. We offer a complimentary initial consultation. To make an appointment, call toll free at 866-441-1458 or contact us via email.

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