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O And P Visas

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O And P Visas In Los Angeles

At Ronzio & Associates, we have extensive experience helping athletes and entertainers with visa applications. For some athletes and entertainers, the P visa is appropriate. For others, the O visa is more appropriate. Our firm has enabled hundreds of athletes and entertainers to apply for a P visa or an O visa.

U.S. immigration policy provides for a limited number of visas for people of extraordinary ability who can contribute in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.

Ronzio & Associates is a leading immigration law firm whose attorneys have successfully represented many world-famous actors, actresses, producers and writers. We have also helped all the major studios and production companies in Hollywood bring their important stars into the U.S. in an expedited manner. For experienced and proven legal assistance with O and P visa petitions, contact us online or call Ronzio & Associates at 866.441.1458.

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The O Visa — Extraordinary Ability In Sciences, Arts, Business, Education And Sports

The O-1 visa is a work-based visa available to people who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, business, education and athletic fields of endeavor. The petition must include documents that demonstrate extraordinary ability. Proof of extraordinary ability can be demonstrated in a number of ways, but the proof must be substantial enough to convince immigration officials that the individual seeking admittance warrants entry.

Our experienced visa attorneys in Los Angeles are familiar with O visas and understand the types of awards, accolades, accomplishments and recognition that are likely to make an applicant eligible for an O visa.

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The P Visa — Athlete And Entertainment Visas

The P-1 visa is a temporary work visa for persons who perform as an athlete, individually or as part of a group or team, or a person who performs with or is an integral part of an entertainment group or musical band. Specifically, the P-1 visa is for athletes coming to the U.S. to perform at a specific athletic competition and for people of foreign countries coming to the U.S. to perform as members of an internationally recognized entertainment group (e.g., a music band).

The P-4 visa is for the spouse or child of a P-1 visa holder. Some of the athletes and entertainment groups we help at our law firm include world-renowned professional boxers for virtually all the major boxing promoters; MMA fighters, especially those competing for the Ultimate Fighting Champions (UFC), and athletes of other sporting events.

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Certified And Experienced Immigration Lawyer

If you are an athlete, member of a music band, or any other artist or entertainer of international repute, we encourage you to speak with an attorney at the immigration law firm experienced with representing leading artists and entertainers — Ronzio & Associates. To reach our law office in Los Angeles, California, call 866.441.1458 or contact a lawyer online.

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